Things to do at Home

Yes, we need more fun things to do at home - why not, this is where we live! Here are some ideas for fun activities that you can do at home or near home. Enjoy!

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Appetizer dinner - I love appetizers, so why not make a meal out of them? Try wine and cheese, sushi rolls, potato skins - whatever you like to make or pickup from your favorite restaurant. Pair it with  a swim party by the pool, or an evening of Netflix.

Art - Dust off those art supplies and revisit your artistic talent. Whether drawing, painting, or batik, you can express your creative side, and maybe make some new artwork to decorate your walls.

Bike ride - Enjoy a bicycle ride around your neighborhood, or local bike paths (if open).

Binge watch TV - Yes you couch potatoes, now is a great time to binge watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

Bird feeder - Learn more about birds in your area, and put up a bird feeder to attract them.

Blender night - Make your favorite drink in a blender and share! The healthier the better, alcoholic or not. Share the experience over zoom with friends and family, and toast to the most creative blender drink!

Board Game - Dust off your favorite board game or deck of cards. Try the game Pandemic, or my favorite card game - Hearts.

Bubble bath - Time to splurge with a relaxing bubble bath.

Books - Now is a great time to read a book. You can check out your home library, borrow something from a friend, buy something new on Amazon, or download an ebook for your Nook.

Candle making - Why not try out candle making? You can be creative and use the candles as gifts.

Catio - Build a catio? What is a catio? A catio is a patio for cats. It can be a small enclosure outside a window, or a large enclosed patio for you to enjoy with your cat. The cats can safety move from inside to the catio. One benefit - it makes a great place to put the litter box.

Chalk art - A bucket of Washable Sidewalk Chalk, a sidewalk or driveway, and some creative spirit are all you need to create some chalk art.

Cleaning - Remember all those cleaning projects that you've been putting off? Now is a great time to clean out those closets, drawers, or even your garage. You might find some fun things to do that were hidden away, or make room more that set of weights that you always wanted.

Cooking party - A private Zoom cooking party hosted by a professional chef is a great way to enjoy some fun things to do at home, with friends and family. Everyone already has their own kitchen, so it is perfect.

Dinner party - Host a dinner party for a small group of friends or family. You can order food from you favorite restaurant. Time to dust off the dining room table and use your china.

Dog walk - Our pets our loving our extra time at home, but they need exercise too. Take you dog on a walk around your neighborhood, or to a local dog park or dog beach, if open.

Face painting - If you are looking for more fun things to do at home, why not try face painting? You can practice your art skills, and turn it into a competition with others on Zoom, or just share the results on a FaceTime call.

Food bank - Clean out your pantry and donate unneeded items to your local food bank. Or check out their website for needed foods, and purchase them in bulk to make an impact. Volunteer your time if you can, or provide financial donation.

Fort - Build a fort with your kids. I love Crazy Fort, but you can also use chairs and blankets to build one. If you have a backyard and are good with building, take a trip to Home Depot or your local hardware store and buy supplies to make your own fort.

Help a family - With some many families struggling, reach out and help someone who is struggling. Bring them food, run errands, pay a bill. Share your good fortune with others.

Joy - Do things that bring you joy. Whether it is things you wear, things you see, things you do - make sure they are bringing you joy and happiness. Stop doing things that don't bring you joy.

Language - Learn or improve your language skills with an App or online course. Practice with family and friends, or watch a foreign film with subtitles to practice your listening skills. Top if off by cooking some favorite dishes or order food from a restaurant from that culture.

Lego contest - Now is a great time to have a lego contest for the tallest tower, largest airplane, most creative animal, etc. Pull out those legos and be creative.

Make something - Use your creative skills to make something.

Massage - Give a loved one a massage. Create the mood with a peaceful, private setting. Lotion is optional.

Museum - Virtually attend a museum and receive a great tour.

Music - Record your music to share with family and friends, or create a virtual music group. If you are good enough, perform for your neighbors to spread some stay-at-home cheer.

Online board games - Play a game of cards or a board game online. Check out for card games, or download a game ap. You can play with your friends and family online, or invite others to play.

Paint a room - Why not create a fresh new look for your home? Painting all of it can be overwhelming, so just pick one room to update with a fresh coat of paint.

Phone a friend - When our lives are busy, it is easy to lose touch. Why not phone a friend or relative and reconnect? 

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Photography shoot - Teach some tips about composition and lighting, and have everyone bring their camera to take some photos. This is one of the fun things to do at home or over Zoom with family and friends. Afterwards, you can select your top 3 photos and enter into a photography contest.

Photos - You probably have a great photo library. Why not take some time to organize them into some albums to share memories with your family and friends? You might want to go old school and print a few to use hang on the wall or refrigerator.

Picnic - Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it at your local park (if open). Or BBQ in your backyard and enjoy some sunshine.

Pilates - Grab a mat, a video or music, and do a mat Pilates workout. Check out some YouTube videos for a great workout.

Puzzles - Build a puzzle. Trade puzzles with a friend, or build it upside down for extra challenge.

Scavenger hunt - Create a scavenger hunt around your home or neighborhood.

Science project- I think that science projects are one of the best things to do at home. Parents and children can learn together, and science frequently takes time to do multiple experiments. All you need is some interest and curiosity, and you can do a science project.

Splendor- Collect gems in this great board game Splendor, one of my favorite things to do at home. You can add more players than the 4 they claim. They have an App too, if you want to play online.

Toastmasters - Join a Toastmasters club, and become a better communicator and leader. Some clubs meet in person, while other clubs meet remotely using Zoom. This is a great opportunity to improve your online communication skills.

Vegetable garden - Why not plant your own vegetable garden. Choose the right location, buy some soil amendments, and some small plants or seeds. In a few months, you can enjoy fresh vegetables grown at home.

Water balloon or water gun fight - On a hot day, what could be better than a water balloon or squirt gun fight? A perfect social distancing activity!

Write a letter - Cheer up someone by writing them a letter. Tell them interesting stories, or thank them for making a difference in your life. Imagine their job in receiving this - much better than bills or junk mail!

Yoga - All you need is your yoga mat, a video and it's time to relax, breathe and practice your yoga poses.

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